As the client’s first foray into condominium development, Avro Condominiums aimed to set the standard and capture its audience’s attention. Visually-striking and meticulously detailed, the campaign design showcases the project’s impeccable location while reflecting the quality and thoughtful-design of the intimate residential building. 

The name Avro has immense historical significance in the Downsview area of Toronto. It was where the Avro Arrow, a legend in Canadian aircraft design, was displayed for many years after its demise. Not only is it associated with speed, the name Avro feels fast. Inspired by aviation and aerodynamics, the logo for Avro encapsulates the essence of the project – bold, contemporary, and fast. Classic yet contemporary, one can almost envision this distinctive logo on the side of a plane.


With its uniquely vivid colour palette and bold design, this visually captivating campaign stands out and seizes the attention of its audience while effectively communicating the value and convenience of life at Avro. Every page of the Avro brochure brims with visual interest and graphical elements that encourage readers to pause, explore, and discover. Using type and iconography inspired by air travel and navigation, the brochure illustrates the ease and convenience of life at Avro while hinting to the area’s aviation history. Colourful and bold, its vivid graphics and glossy accents pop against the crisp white pages, reflecting Avro’s youthful and vibrant personality.

Similarly, the print ad depicts a series of ‘luggage tags’ with timing and destinations to local amenities. Using a combination of copy, metrics, and crisp icons, each quadrant of this eye-catching ad swiftly and efficiently communicates Avro’s unique selling proposition - the accessibility of transit, amenities, and recreation at a reasonable price point.

Working closely with the interior design team at Tomas Pearce, the sales office showcased the vibrant sales displays against the sleek, aviation features inspired by the brand.

Avro received a tremendous response from our target market, with the building selling out within two months and the brochure design for Avro Condominiums won the Best Brochure category for the Applied Arts Design Awards 2018.